Curated compilation Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 6    in 2018
Everyone is unique, but only a small part of the big picture. We feel the atmosphere that surrounds us and others recognize us as part of it. For orientation you need relaxation. Meaningful pieces created by sublime artists broaden your horizons.




Fresh Moods – Substance 1996 – 2006 (High Resolution Masters) in 2017
Due to the latest technologies, all recordings could now be remastered in high resolution. A lot of attention to detail, a soft bass image, clearly defined mids, silky heights and a natural dynamic range catch the spirit of these new master recordings.
Exclusive release on

In progress  for a good start into 2017 …
Thanks to the artists and labels who gave their rights to let us compile Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 4
Digital release planed for February 2017


Dear time travellers,
Mario Toni kindly asked me to use some of my compositions for his videographics. After he showed me a rough cut I was impressed by his professional work and attitude. So, we came to an agreement and here it is:
S.O.L._1 (Signs of Life)
Camera, editing & production by Mario Toni Belamaric © Belamarimages 2016. Music by Fresh Moods – Moonstars ( Video Edit), taken form the Album “Orfine” under license of Zentralmodul Records.
Thanks Mario Toni for your great realisation to show our combined work in art.
Yours truly,

Out now!       BestOf_Front_500
Fresh Moods – Collected 1996-2006
Rhythmbreeze (Spy Mix)
Shiny Cage
Silent Me
Another Girl
Ocult Friend
Got To Be
Price (Instrumental)
… To Jazz
I Feel
Big On
The Touch (Enchant Mix)
My Face
Decisions I Made
The Fall
Including 3 lost and found compositions, Another Girl, Saturn, Price (Instrumental).
Available in selected download shops and on HQ streaming services only. For example iTunes, TIDAL, 7digitalAmazon
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DINU013   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 2
If the Big Bang Theory is true then it could not be heard because there was no atmosphere. It happened in silence. Think about it… This is the 2. vol. of sound bodies from artists who search for the beginning, carefully selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Giuliano Rodrigues, Jennifer Eberhardt, Spoq, Kogyo, Hoffmannstrasse, Rico Casazza, Lemongrass, Jane Maximova, Mikrokristal, TASHI e YASHA, Marga Sol, Brickman, The Very Airat, Jean Mare, Capa, Denis Rusnak, No Accident In Paradise, Conservators, Bjorn Wilke, Kanthor, IJO, LaScie, Fresh Moods, The Sushi Club
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource and Beatport

Out now!
Fresh Moods – Fireworks   EP
Fireworks (Radio Edit)
Fireworks (Beatless)
A small instrumental with a big impact. A firework of emotions. Also it is the first view to his already awaited new album coming up in 2016.
Exclusive release on  as 24bit/96kHz studio master.
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Dynamic as a Part of Audio Quality
Dear careful listeners,

as you know, I ever try to give my music productions the best in high fidelity and I am working hours on every track to push the limit.
Relating to I found a positive recognition on They analyzed my actual LP “Fresh Moods – Carbon Islands”, which they got legally as download in 24bit/96khz from and noticed the dynamic range between 11-12 db.
More dynamic means that the loudness is purposely different between the instruments, also how the instruments be played in this case. If you have a good Hifi-Stereo you will hear the difference. It is like you are in the room with the artists and feel surrounded by their work; you will become a part of it. This is so great. It’s what I really like by listening to music!

This quality you will NEVER get by listening to music on YouTube, Google- Music, Spotify and any other Radio or streaming service, because their players compress the loudness afterwards near 0 db automatically! before playing. They do this to get the “best” out of smart phones and in-ear headphones who are not designed for high fidelity audio.
If smart phones would play a high quality audio signal with a high dynamic range, the signal would sound distorted. A recording with loudness variations needs energy for peek levels and basses to be played right. But a smart phone will never have enough energy, because it is addicted to a very small battery. That’s it.

Yours truly,


Dear Friends and Fans,

yes I’m still on. Herewith I like to show you one part of my work. The composition, single track recording and arrangement I have already done over the last week. Now I’m working on the mixdown again with clean ears. It is the 5th time and well, yes it looks like its ready for the stereo pre- master.

Do you like it?

Yours truly, Peter

Link: Facebook Video 2