DINU033 Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 6
Everyone is unique, but only a small part of the big picture. We feel the atmosphere that surrounds us and others recognize us as part of it. For orientation you need relaxation. Meaningful pieces created by sublime artists broaden your horizons.
Featured artists:
Weasely, Matthias Springer, Jakub Mildner, Fresh Moods, Don Gorda Project, Dino Scarfone, Worldtraveller, Gigi D’amico, The Ventures, Mikrokristal, The FaDe, Openzone Bar, 300 Degrees, Laera, Krystian Shek, Ho Ssy, Sssfinxxx, The Sushi Club, Roy Dark, Marinad, Skinny Lee, Kaxamalka
Available for example on iTunes, 7digital, AmazonDigital, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU032   Chillstep Files, Vol. 6
A new step of change by artful composers. It is our inner voice that says: Ever look for something new to express yourself. Dear listeners, show your uniqueness and use our work carefully. Become a part of the inner circle.
Featured artists:
Matthias Springer, Spoq, Weasely, Lindo Man, Featurecast, Ange, Yuriy From Russia, Scrounger, Beat The Noise, Sam Jam, Dan-E, Choose One, Triton, Fresh Moods, JackEL, Curry Oreo, Tsaik, Oaks, The Cosmic Man, Luis Pitti, Rouse, Leaking Shell, Oscar Salguero, IJO, Darj, Samso
Available for example on iTunes, 7digital, AmazonDigital, Traxsource, or Beatport


DINU031  Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 5
Time matters, they say. That’s right, because life is not endless. But how far you need to go to feel grateful to be alive lies in your hands. Be quiet. Listen and find your personal way in time.
Featured artists:
Aashya, Dold, Denis Rusnak, Frank Sebastian, joergmueller, Gerrit van der Meer, Sarah Corbee, Fatih Tuter, Tim Angrave, Heavenchord, Helly Larson, Tatva Kundalini, Spoq, Robert Scharnke, Kaxamalka, Dyb, Oaks, Martin Nonstatic, The Sushi Club, Pepo Galán with Carlos Suero, The FaDe, Vincent I. Watson, Mikrokristal & Echo Delta
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, 7digital, Beatport
DINU030  World in Jazz, Vol. 5
Whether a traditional, or young fashion, a classical, or new obsession. Talented artists of the modern jazz scene will always let us feel wise and lean. It’s our world of music. It’s the 5th, your World in Jazz.
Featured artists:
Dukespan NYC, Bebo Best, Brother Groove, Werner Acker, Peter Protschka, The Cosmic Surf Club, 4 To The Bar, Moyido, Enrico Donner, Tobi Hofmann, Jazzamor, Matthias Akeo Nowak, Difetti Sonori, Blue, Fridge People, Cane Garden Quartet, L.E.D., Alexandra Lehmler, Paulsen & Stryczek, Damiano La Rocca, Monsieur Jean, Mark Oakland, Baque In Beat, Iris Camaa
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, 7digital, Beatport
Fresh_ Moods_Pres_LazydaysVol5
DINU029  Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days, Vol. 5
We come with nothing and go with nothing. Life itself is what we have to take care of. Be lazy for a day with fresh moods and realize you are alive.
Featured artists:
Soulounge, Cultured Pearls, Titron, Push & Do, Casary, Fresh Moods, Kraak & Smaak (4Hero Rmx), 5000, Sofi Hellborg, Les Baxter, Dukespan NYC, Groove Gecko, Lemongrass feat. Karen Gibson Roc, Andrew Yankiwski, Jazzamor, Counterweight, X Brazas, Melba, Lucien and Neirda, Panaphonic, Oscar Salguero, Steve Osaka, Gerdband
Available for example on iTunes, 7digital, Traxsource, Amazon, or Beatport
DINU028   Indie Groove Box, Vol. 5
Difference is, what makes our world from dull to colored. Unique composers give us new insights into the infinite spectrum of sound. Dance, celebrate the light!
Featured artists:
Marcus Oliveira, DODX, Deep Shepherd, Mystic Lee, Boy Funktastic, BK Duke, Emii, Luca Guerrieri, Anton Toshi, Natalie CT, Neighbour, Teho, Dompe, Noze, Koze, Syno Live, Systema Solar, Krak in Dub, Lukasz Napora, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Takt 3, Alessandro Verrina, Alles Andrs, Oscar Salguero, Edouard Caroche, MaximoProducer, DJ Martello, Mauro Cannone, Luky Bombardi, Mauro AP, Etak, Aguacate, Fuyituke, Gabriele Carasco, Angelina Yershova, Mellowtron
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, 7digital, Traxsource, or Beatport
FreshMoods_ Pres_Ambience_Vol_5
DINU027  Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 5
Realize the atmosphere in the background and bring it to the front. The 5th Ambience collection will take you into the center of the circle to sense what’s all around.
Featured artists:
Alexander Saykov, Fresh Moods, S.D.J., Diario, Denis Rusnak, Abassadeurs, Matthisas Springer, Tanja Schönefeld, Diego Ferrari, Alex Humann, Marinad, Gerrit van der Meer, Yantra Mantra, Jazzamor, Groove Gecko, Electro Sunny Vibe, Roberto Bronco, Lemongrass, Normandie, DJ Rob De Blank, Kasm, Riddle Of Monogamy, InternalEye
Available for example on iTunes, 7digital, AmazonDigital, or Beatport
DINU026   Chillstep Files, Vol. 5
Dear listeners, feel invited to listen to a new progression of the broken beat. Thanks to these modern composers who brought the soul into the electronics and allowed us to compile their great works.
Featured artists:
Ak0pian, 291, Fresh Moods, Ambassadeurs, Panhendl, Leaking Shell, Lindo Man, Shiny Radio, Mata, Luis Pitti, Quantor, Spoq, Sraunus, AOTOA, Lucien & Neirda, Groove Gecko, MBrass, Kmru, Takt 3, Matthias Springer, Jouzyaz, D|verz, BarBQ, Koalips
Available for example on iTunes, 7digital, AmazonDigital, or Beatport
DINU025   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 4
The body of sound is bonded to the melody. DNA is what we call composition. Hand selected artists of the avant garde give us a lesson. So far we only realized a tiny bit. 4th “In Aller Stille” invites to recognize the truth. Curated by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Brickman, Orbient, Helly Larson, Soulsonic, Charly Stylex, Vincent I. Watson, Physical Dreams, Radio Amore, D|verz, Ho Ssy, Spoq, Oliver Martini, Tsaik, Zeger deVos, Groove Gecko, Mara, Vune, Eugeen, Lawrel, Deni Diezer & Martin Nonstatic, Subset, Stars Over Foy, Fatih Tuter
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, 7digital, or Beatport
DINU024  World in Jazz, Vol. 4
Think of Jazz these days. The blue note mood is still the red line, but there are more than ever courageous artists who experiment with new bodies of sound. Herewith we like to invite you to the new world. The World in Jazz, Vol. 4
Featured artists:
Van, Cecilia Stalin, L.E.D, TRZ Trio, Omar, Men From Nobu, Adjazzo, Fridge People, Vibemares, Eloise Laws, Ernest Oláh Trio, Bruno’s Boogaloo Orchestra, Marina Decourt, Monsieur Jean, Raw Instinct, 9dw, Appleton, Os Morcegos, Alexander “Sandi” Kuhn Kuhnstoff, Alberto Traversi, Chirstoph Spendel Trio, Jenny Evans
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, 7digital, Beatport
DINU023  Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days, Vol. 4
Do nothing. Find your inner self. From this point of view, regarding the world around, new ways, new solutions will enter your mind. The forth collection features blessed composers only who will aid to enrich your new life. Rhythm & Soul. FM
Featured artists:
Groove Gecko, Allume, Stuce The Sketch, Merge Of Equals, Maik Falls, Paul B and Maya, Tsaik, AOTOA, Marcel, Florzinho and Idania Valdes, Men From Nobu, Levitation and Can7, Black Coffee, Oneiromancy, Chronophone, Fresh Moods, DJ Rob De Blank, Chillelektro, Alien Café, Oliver Strauch Trio, Os Modernistas, Dirk Blümlein Terzett
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, Amazon, or Beatport
DINU022   Indie Groove Box, Vol. 4
Electronica fresh outta the box! We searched again for the ever hard to find unique club music which can’t be classified in standards. Thanks to those gifted talents who laid their heart to it.
Featured artists:
Escape with Romeo, MaximoProducer, Zemtsov, Thorn, Jey Fever, Sahar Z, Mooz, Mystic Lee, BK Duke, Axel B., DJ Puk, Pete Pellerito, Kalkhooven & Staadler, Soulnasty, Spoq, Carlo Runia, Ambassadeurs, Folie a Deux, Stephan Zovsky, Hyman Bass, Raffunk, Gushi, Martin Fissher, Julian Maier-Hauff, Drunx, UZAY, Herbie, Funkemotion, Mark Oakland
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, Amazon, or Beatport
DINU021   Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 4
Dear careful listeners. The forth volume of this series now combines different styles of Ambience, composed by the most gifted artists of the relaxed electronica and hand-selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
BK Duke, Axel B., York, Wadadli Acoustics, Don Gorda Project, PNFA, Dominik Pointvogl, Alexander Saykov, Ouvert, Sine, Deeper Sublime, Krapan, Miss Wonder, Vitaly Tarasuk, Soulnasty, Yakar Allevici, 291, Rey Salinero, Mirage Of Deep, Fresh Moods, Marcus Koch, Leaking Shell, Physical Dreams, Anurag Nandvanshi, Eivissarts, Matthias Springer, Aksutique, Stars Over Foy, Sonic Adventure Project
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, Amazon, DJTunes or Beatport
DINU020   Chillstep Files, Vol. 4
The relaxing broken beat ever finds new ways in expression, in creating harmonies. Welcome to Chillstep Files, Vol. 4
Featured artists:
The Klovds, Parker, Backwords, Jeandado, Mooryc, Spoq, Jon Thomas, Jake Jones, Urban Trip, Cnof, Aksutique, Robax, Gunston, DJ Magic, Featurecast, Almamegretta, Horace Andy, York, Leila, Dreamy, Kago Company, Graciellita, Bryan Kessler, LUNAKID, Deejay Harem Mustafa
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, Beatport, or DJTunes
DINU019   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 3
I sit down on the moon and watch the earth. People aim for the good things in life, but don’t find. Brake the time. Listen to the gifted artists of the avant-garde curated by Fresh Moods. The goddess of fortune lies down in the moment of silence.
Featured artists:
B’yond, Optical Frameworks, Spoq, Deepeople, Watts & Ohms, Ultracode, Kuvay, Deejay Harem Mustafa, LaScie, Myrkur, Mikael Delta, GANDI, Aksutique, Ingo Herrmann, Miniatura, Kreutzfeldt, Lemongrass, Stars Over Foy
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU018  World in Jazz, Vol. 3
They trained their voice and learned to play their instruments. Their talent is to compose. When generations shake hands it’s on the world in jazz.
Featured artists:
Judith Goldbach, Men From Nobu, Omar, Eva Mayerhofer, Van, 11_inch, Adjazzo, Christoph Spendel Trio, ZZouro, Cube, Paul Eerhart, Bite My A, L.E.D., Free Brothers, Brother Groove, Difetti Sonori, 9dw, Seison De Los Flores, Ticane, Damiano La Rocca, Alexandra Lehmler
Available for example on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, DjTunes
DINU017  Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days, Vol. 3
There is so much around this planet, but not that much like this talent. Sophisticated singers, songwriters and musicians show their skills in how to work out soulful lazy grooves on the highest level, carefully selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Allovers, Armchair Generals, Dex The Magician, Mr. Shy, Omar, Dee C’rell, Richelle Claiborne & Neil Stalnaker, Bite My A, Marcel, Armchair Generals, DJ Spice T, Leila, Soulounge, Tim Hade-be, Jazzamor, Aqua Mundi, Jenny Evans, Cecilia Stalin, Weathertunes, Dusty Kid, Florzinho, Luis Viola, Living Room, L.E.D., Luis Hermandez, Milto Eph, 9dw
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU016   Indie Groove Box, Vol. 3
Dance music unites. It brings us together. We celebrate the joy of life. Highly rated independent composers will bring to you the freedom in expression.
Featured artists:
Federico Fleres, Delimentry, Menon, Howson’s Groove, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Mike Young, Savi Leon, Mollono.Bass, Voice of Fractals, Arise, Basement Freaks, Sua Amoa, Andrea Belconti, Giovanni Vecchio, C.Y.Ber, Music For Adults, Boy Funktastic, Kraak & Smaak, Sam Duckworth, Vitor Munhoz, D|verz, Thorn, Ivory Street, Kaehne, Dave Ross, Aximate, Zhanna, Andre Salmon, Cause & Effekt, Dom Valente, Peng Peng, Andy Bach, Sherl, Takt 3, C0a
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU015   Chillstep Files, Vol. 3
This is the next evolution in modern styles. Young composers show us, our future is still unwritten. Thanks to the highly gifted artists who gave us the permission to compile their work for the third edition of Chillstep Files by Digi Nuggets.
Featured artists:
Backwords, Stillhead, Kolby Wade, IJO, Spoq, Sweetest Devotion, S. Bluyer, The Analogeeks, Kreutzfeldt, Der Schamane, Rhys O’Shea, Zion Train, Reynar, Caprivian, Sylphonics, Oriola 701, Soundnbeats, A-Negative, Hyde Park, Arctic Night, Audio Noir, Deejay Harem Mustafa
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU014   Fresh Moods Pres. Ambience, Vol. 3
“She closed her eyes slightly, ‘caused by the bright sun. A fresh breeze touched her skin while she listened to the ambience.” Hereon you will find the most passionate artists of this genre who worked for to bring you in calm moods.
Featured artists:
Sannan, Alex Frolov, Chillelektro, Justy Puck, D-Noise, Luis Hermandez, Dubit, Dub Mars, Jeff Floyd, Grabo’sky, Capa, Bite My A, Kaxamalka, Ko-Dan, Florzinho, Jane Maximova, Dave Ross, Blue Lunar Monkey, Ingo Herrmann, Mikrokristal, Echo Delta, Peter Pearson
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU013   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 2
If the Big Bang Theory is true then it could not be heard because there was no atmosphere. It happened in silence. Think about it… This is the 2. vol. of sound bodies from artists who search for the beginning, carefully selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Giuliano Rodrigues, Jennifer Eberhardt, Spoq, Kogyo, Hoffmannstrasse, Rico Casazza, Lemongrass, Jane Maximova, Mikrokristal, TASHI e YASHA, Marga Sol, Brickman, The Very Airat, Jean Mare, Capa, Denis Rusnak, No Accident In Paradise, Conservators, Bjorn Wilke, Kanthor, IJO, LaScie, Fresh Moods, The Sushi Club
Available for example on  iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, or Beatport
DINU012  World in Jazz, Vol. 2
Time travel! The second selection is featuring a more classic style, but modern in production, respectfully surrounded by some grateful classics, recorded in the early days. On recommendation by your Digi Nuggets – Team.
Featured artists:
Man In A Room, Civilian, Cecilia Stalin, Thomas Siffling Trio, PhonkworX, Ahmad Jamal, Rawback, Planet Lounge, Il Santo, R-Four, Nat King Cole, Angela Puxi, 9dw, Eternal City, Paul Eerhart, Nat King Cole Trio, 3io, Luis Hermandez, Weathertunes, Inusa Dawuda, Chet Baker, Club Des Belugas, Lene Riebau, Tony Lallai Romany, Christoph Spendel
Available for example on Beatport
DINU011   Indie Groove Box, Vol. 2
Dance different, Yeah! Here is the second of conscientiously selected club tracks featuring independent producers only, who try more than just a beat!
Featured artists:
Supa Channel, Samuel Tegaro, Von&Zu, Ethni Mash, Thrill Kill, Lady Estefan Gum, Boy Funktastic, Kraak & Smaak, Janne Schra, Arise, The Look, Ric-E, DJ Biopic, Real, Cay, Jack Jhon Jim, Solee, Rodion, Cadien, Joven Misterio, Burhan Yuksekkas, Nickson, DJ Hypnosis, Lefrenk, Karl M, Kondencuotas Pienas, Ahbee, Chronogramm, Giuliano Rodrigues, Tomcraft, Martin Eyerer, Dirty Cat
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
Fresh Moods Lazy Days Vol 2_500
DINU010   Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days, Vol. 2
To realize the sense of life we need the lazy days. Here is the second selection with a heart full of soul carefully selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Cool Million, Dee C’rell, Eldorado, Karen Gibson Roc, Wenawedwa, Stuce The Sketch, Harvey Lindo, War Apps, Eric Benet, Leaking Shell, Mathieu Hobiere, Feyd, Mathieu & Florzinho, Fresh Moods, Luis Hermandez, Cube, Naoki Kenji, Tape Five, Dub Mars, Alfida, Newton, Coolcomotion, Paola Martz, Marcus Koch
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
DINU009   Chillstep Files, Vol. 2
Life is no straight line. That’s why cool beats are broken. This is the second selection of new street style breaks, but ever in a calm mood.
Featured artists:
Electrosoul System, Urulu, Andrea, Pag, Blueprint, PNFA, Evgeny Bardyuzha, Race to Space, Yolanda Be Cool, Omar, Capa, Takt 3, Leaking Shell, Sinoptik Music, Natalie Beridze Tba, Ceryx, Taburet, Amun, Crown Duels, DrDr, Fresh Moods, DSRDR, Hyde Park, 291, Ultracode, Vejopatis, LaScie
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
 Fresh-Moods-Ambience-Vol-2 500
DINU008   Fresh Moods Presents Ambience, Vol. 2
Decelerate life. Find yourself. Enjoy the end of a day surrounded by a calm breeze. Therefore we like to recommend the second selection of premium class chill-out music from the greatest artists of this genre, sensitively selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Richard Bonnee, Alex Cortiz, Eternal City, Five Seasons, Living Room, Marga Sol, Fresh Moods, Vejopatis, Alex Van Deep, Symphonica, Jorg Guertler, Mindless Reactions, Dub Mars, Soul Avenue, Planet Lounge, Rashan & Alwan, Soulsonic, Mirage Of Deep, Art Demoir, Hazem Beltagui
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
DINU007   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence)
It happens unnoticed in silence when artists start searching for the birthplace of the sound. It is a journey to the place of truth where the bygone time still could not create a lie around it. Just don’t listen to it once, listen to it twice, thrice, four times. This is music for the experienced listener with a superior level collected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Toju Kae, Mikrokristal, Modul, Sebastian Paul, Toju Kae, Hyde Park & Sue,Octogen, Mirage Of Deep, The Sushi Club, Lekktro Flight Project,Fresh Moods, Tourists in Earth, Onego, Chill Nation, Benautik, SoulSonic, Dop’Q, Vana, Werner Bethke, Vincent I. Watson, Reichenhall, Twilight Worldz
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
DINU006   World in Jazz
Jazz musicians, the rebels of the early 20th century. Hardly any other genre has so greatly influenced the music world. With free improvisations and new arrangements they raised the rules in question. Directions like Classic-, Fusion-, Contemporary-, or Modern Jazz are some of the most important. This universe expands until today and creates the new. Developed by experimental artists, further styles grew up such as Nu ‘Jazz, Lounge and the large field of Chill Out. They’re moving on their own way now, but shaking hands when it comes to find a calm mood. This compilation is created to invite new listeners to discover the world. The world in Jazz.
Featured artists:
Intuit, Club des Belugas, Axel Kühn, Chris Le Blanc, Os Morcegos, Lemongrass, Karmasound, Salvador Group, Nick Arara, European Groove Orchestra, Peter Protschka, Dukespan NYC, Suntheca Prod., 3iO, Samuel Jersak, Alexander ‘Sandi’ Kuhn Kuhnstoff, Extreme Trio, Dirk Blümlein, Vst
Available for example  on iTunes and Beatport
DINU005   Chillwave Files
Chillwave, one of the great styles of the early 21th century. Ducking is a style characteristic element in the production. It is influenced by the wave music of the 80th often combined with house grooves, always positive, melancholic, reduced and punchy produced by artists of the new generation. This compilation shows the presence of the modern afterhour club sound.
Featured artists:
Mooryc, Kreutzfeldt, Egon Revolte, Vitaly Tarasuk, Kraak & Smaak, Matisse, Robbie Miraux, Wemove, Ion, sy.ic, Costa Martinez, Dawad, Serafim Tsotsonis, BarBQ, Slow, Jicämä vs. Aldo Solev & Gabrielle, Hartmann, Fresh Moods, Dan & Don, Through Tone
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
Fresh Moods Presents Lazy Days
DINU004   Fresh Moods Pres. Lazy Days
The days were long, the nights were black. Today you’re doing nothing, working not at all, neither thinking, nor speaking. Just sit down lazy. This kind of music does not submit to any genre. From singer-songwriters up to instrumental artist we all prefer creating it sometimes. It is the feeling that this kind of art meditates. For this purpose the compilation “Lazy Days” provides the perfect soundtrack, compiled by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
L.E.D., Cayetano, Ambassadeurs, Suburban Dream, Ohm-g, Ben Mono, Green Point Orchestra, Rima, Solidaze, Furneaux-Inc, Fresh Moods, Naoki Kenji, Alpha Co & Amor Entrave, Pig & Dan & Dean Demanuele, AFFKT, Electrique Avenue, Feldmaus, Benautik, Tobi Hofmann, Ulrich Wangenheim & Olaf Schönborn
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
Indie Groove Digi Nuggets
 DINU003   Indie Groove Box
Indie, independent, free! The name says it all. You’re listening to dance music free of all conventions with passion produced by independent artists who make use of popular styles such as Club, House, Techno, or Reggae, but create the new in the context. It’s about humor and serenity, freedom of the spirit, selfish in production, but released for you!
Featured artists:
Kraak & Smaak, Toni Haupt, Anton Toshi & Natalie CT, A2micB, Rodolfo Zhor, Rodrigo Carreira, Rucci, The Lulabenjim, Slow, Florian Meindl, Neblina Sound, Golden Bug, Me So Qu, Thomas Schumacher, Odyzë, Katalyst 5, Miss Kay Dee, Pop-3, Electrique Avenue, Patrick Chardronnet
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
DINU002   Chillstep Files
Chillstep, it is the new style in the early 21st century. In tradition of the classic Drummin’ Bass and Garage House moved on to Two Step up to the influences of Dub Step, it is the cool down version of a broken beat. The Lo-Fi style is deliberately used as a style element, also the ducking. It is passionately produced and supported mainly by young artists. In order to show and honor the origin this compilation reflects the past with a look into the future of the real underground.
Featured artists:
Darren F, aliK, Ambassadeurs, Subphonic, VLSONN, Flaxen UK, OMFO, The Other Side, Rencause, Stumbleine, Fresh Moods, Electrosoul, System, Tetris, The Micronaut, Telematik Guru, Kreutzfeldt, Krazypoet, Malbetrieb, Modul, Pembls
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport
Fresh Moods presents ambience
DINU001   Fresh Moods Presents Ambience
Gems of electronic music found in the digital desert, created by artists who are with the heart in the matter, carefully selected by Peter Haubfleisch aka. Fresh Moods. The feeling of Ambience is not limited to a fixed style of music. It is the attention which the listener gives the music that does not push forward itself, but surrounds him, the feeling of coming home, harmony and security. Aware limited to a small portion of titles underlines the credibility of the project.
Featured artists:
Fresh Moods, Jenny Kiwool, LeMi, Weathertunes, Alex Cortiz, River, Monodeluxe, Michael E, Sine, Tanja Schönefeld, Solidaze, TH Moy, Naoki Kenji, Vana, Climatic, Kim & Buran, Lemongrass, Wunderblock, Peter Pearson
Available for example on iTunes and Beatport