DINU007      Fresh Moods pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence)
It happens unnoticed in silence when artists start searching for the birthplace of the sound. It is a journey to the place of truth where the bygone time still could not create a lie around it. Just don’t listen to it once, listen to it twice, thrice, four times. This is music for the experienced listener with a superior level collected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Toju Kae, Mikrokristal, Modul, Sebastian Paul, Toju Kae, Hyde Park & Sue,Octogen, Mirage Of Deep, The Sushi Club, Lekktro Flight Project,Fresh Moods, Tourists in Earth, Onego, Chill Nation, Benautik, SoulSonic, Dop’Q, Vana, Werner Bethke, Vincent I. Watson, Reichenhall, Twilight Worldz
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DiDigiNuggets_Whitegi Nuggets provides purely digital compilations. We have positioned ourselves the job to find the musical nuggets in the digital desert.
We want to point classics, but also feature new artists to give them the chance to come up.

Fresh Moods – Carbon Islands     Release date 12. July 2013

“… there is this clearing in the middle of the forest with strange but friendly creatures. First you fear a little, because to trust each other caused hurts in our world, but then you feel the truthful nature.
A place we only could desire, but if we close our eyes there is this island of peace with rose purple water and 100 foot tall trees that takes the sun of the light blue sky where no one does have needs, ‘cause all will be satisfied.”
The CD release will have a continuous light ambience in the background to constantly let you stay at this new place. Available on  at amazon.
The High Resolution Masters are available on Here you will have the unlimited masters with the origin long nature ambient intros and outros in 96khz/ 24bit as it originally was produced.

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Our studio masters are recorded in 96khz/ 24bit. This high resolution master versions now you will find at the download store of