DINU013   Fresh Moods Pres. In Aller Stille (In Silence), Vol. 2
If the Big Bang Theory is true then it could not be heard because there was no atmosphere. It happened in silence. Think about it… This is the 2. vol. of sound bodies from artists who search for the beginning, carefully selected by Fresh Moods.
Featured artists:
Giuliano Rodrigues, Jennifer Eberhardt, Spoq, Kogyo, Hoffmannstrasse, Rico Casazza, Lemongrass, Jane Maximova, Mikrokristal, TASHI e YASHA, Marga Sol, Brickman, The Very Airat, Jean Mare, Capa, Denis Rusnak, No Accident In Paradise, Conservators, Bjorn Wilke, Kanthor, IJO, LaScie, Fresh Moods, The Sushi Club
Available for example on iTunes, Traxsource and Beatport