Dynamic as a Part of Audio Quality
Dear careful listeners,

as you know, I ever try to give my music productions the best in high fidelity and I am working hours on every track to push the limit.
Relating to I found a positive recognition on dr.loudness-war.info. They analyzed my actual LP “Fresh Moods – Carbon Islands”, which they got legally as download in 24bit/96khz from Highresaudio.com and noticed the dynamic range between 11-12 db.
More dynamic means that the loudness is purposely different between the instruments, also how the instruments be played in this case. If you have a good Hifi-Stereo you will hear the difference. It is like you are in the room with the artists and feel surrounded by their work; you will become a part of it. This is so great. It’s what I really like by listening to music!

This quality you will NEVER get by listening to music on YouTube, Google- Music, Spotify and any other Radio or streaming service, because their players compress the loudness afterwards near 0 db automatically! before playing. They do this to get the “best” out of smart phones and in-ear headphones who are not designed for high fidelity audio.
If smart phones would play a high quality audio signal with a high dynamic range, the signal would sound distorted. A recording with loudness variations needs energy for peek levels and basses to be played right. But a smart phone will never have enough energy, because it is addicted to a very small battery. That’s it.

Yours truly,